Beyond Hollywood: Discover the Uncharted Stories on the 2023 Best Documentary Short film Oscar Shortlist

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Hello friends my name is Archi .The anticipation surrounding the Oscars is always electrifying, especially when it comes to the Best Documentary Short Film category. In 2023, the spotlight is on an exceptional shortlist that promises a captivating cinematic experience. Let’s delve into the world of documentary short films, explore the criteria for selection, and attempt to predict the 5 for 5 winners.

the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

Introduction : The 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

The Oscars are a celebration of cinematic excellence, but when it comes to predicting the nominees for Best Documentary Short, the task becomes a challenging feat. In the 2023 lineup, a diverse array of films grapple with social, political, and personal narratives. This article takes a deep dive into the shortlist of 15 films, contemplating which five will emerge as Oscar nominees on January 23rd…….Read more

The ABCs of Book Banning

Documentary legend Sheila Nevins directs this exploration of banned books in America. Despite the film’s significance, questions arise about its visual impact. Nevins, with her remarkable documentary career, might secure that elusive Oscar nom:

HBO’s “How We Get Free” follows Elisabeth Epps’ quest to abolish cash bail in Colorado. The film strikes a balance between information and storytelling, making a compelling case for abolition. HBO’s dry spell in this category could end with this powerful documentary.

the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

If Dreams Were Lightning: Rural Healthcare Crisis

Ramin Bahrani sheds light on the decline of rural hospitals. The documentary lets the affected speak for themselves, creating a damning portrait of the American Dream. While facing stiff competition, its impactful storytelling might clinch a nomination.

Deciding Vote : The 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

Amidst the ongoing battle for abortion rights, “Deciding Vote” unveils an untold chapter of history. George Michaels’ principled vote is a surprising story, but it faces stiff competition from narratives with more immediate voter appeal.

the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

The 2023 Best Documentary Short Film : Bear

The Swiss short “Bear” takes a unique approach, exposing disturbing footage through brilliant editing. Despite its discomfort, its rawness might resonate with voters seeking a departure from polished studio documentaries.

Island In Between

Island In Between” offers a lyrical perspective on the tension between Taiwan and China. Director S. Leo Chiang provides a thoughtful exploration, deviating from typical political narratives.

Camp Courage

Netflix enters the fray with “Camp Courage,” a personal take on the trauma of the war in Ukraine. While a bit surface-level, its emotional resonance could secure a nomination.

Last Song From Kabul

Kevin MacDonald’s “Last Song From Kabul” depicts the loss in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. The powerful ending might linger in voters’ minds, making it a strong contender.

The Last Repair Shop

Ben Proudfoot returns with “The Last Repair Shop,” a documentary highlighting the transformative power of music. With Proudfoot’s track record, this could be a safe bet for a nomination.

the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

Black Girls Play: The Story of Hand Games

ESPN’s “Black Girls Play” educates on the history of hand games, offering a joyful and educational angle. While not a traditional storytelling piece, its unique subject matter could captivate voters.

The Barber of Little Rock

“The Barber of Little Rock” follows Arlo Washington’s mission to address the racial wealth gap. With compelling storytelling, this emotionally charged documentary stands out in a strong field.

Wings of Dust

“Wings of Dust” reports on the ecological crisis in Peru, showcasing Vidal Merma’s fight for indigenous rights. Despite a somewhat disjointed narrative, its urgency may resonate with voters. the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

Between Earth & Sky

While not a direct commentary on the climate crisis, “Between Earth & Sky” explores ecologist Nalini Nadkarni’s impactful work. Its lack of hard-hitting subject matter might be a drawback in this competitive field.


“Oasis” chronicles the relationship between twin brothers, offering a melancholic and rhapsodic tale. While not as urgent as others, its emotional depth could earn it a spot. the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film

Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó

Disney+ brings joy with “Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó,” a delightful documentary featuring grandmas embracing their sillier side. Its lighthearted approach might secure a spot amidst heavier contenders……Read more


Predicting the Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Short is akin to navigating a complex narrative. While “The ABCs of Book Banning” and “The Last Repair Shop” seem like safe bets, the remaining spots are up for grabs. The sheer diversity in subject matter and storytelling styles makes this shortlist one of the strongest in recent years. the 2023 Best Documentary Short Film


  1. Q: When will the Oscar nominees be announced?
    • A: The Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Short and other categories will be revealed on January 23rd.
  2. Q: How many films are shortlisted for Best Documentary Short?
    • A: There are 15 films shortlisted for Best Documentary Short in the 2023 Oscars.
  3. Q: Is this the first time Sheila Nevins has directed a documentary?
    • A: No, Sheila Nevins is a documentary legend with an impressive career, but she has never been nominated for an Oscar.
  4. Q: Has Netflix ever won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short?
    • A: Yes, Netflix has had at least one nomination for Best Documentary Short every year since 2016.
  5. Q: Who won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2000?
    • A: Kevin MacDonald won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2000 for a documentary that highlighted the immense loss at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.


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