Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments’ in 2024 When and Where To Watch

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Cecil B. DeMille’s magnum opus, “The Ten Commandments,” stands as a beacon of cinematic brilliance, captivating audiences for generations. As the film celebrates its 68th anniversary in 2024, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries and delve into the depths of this cinematic marvel.

Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

1. A Legacy of Tradition

Pre-Easter Airing Rituals

For countless families, the tradition of watching “The Ten Commandments” before Easter has become a cherished ritual, fostering togetherness and reverence.

2024 Broadcast Details: A Date with Destiny

In 2024, ABC will continue this time-honored tradition by broadcasting “The Ten Commandments” on Saturday, March 30, inviting viewers to partake in its timeless narrative.

2. Streaming Chronicles: The Quest for Availability

While the film may not grace the libraries of streaming giants like Netflix or HBO Max, it remains accessible through various rental platforms, ensuring its enduring presence in the digital realm.

3. The Genesis of Creation: From Silent Beginnings to Resounding Remake

Reimagining the Exodus: The Remake Revolution

The journey of “The Ten Commandments” began with a silent iteration in 1923, evolving into the resplendent 1956 remake that continues to captivate audiences with its grandeur.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Cinematic History

Crafting this cinematic marvel required years of meticulous planning, with a sprawling script and elaborate sets breathing life into the biblical narrative.

Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

4. The Epic Duration: Deciphering the Tapestry of Time

Crafting the Narrative: The Script’s Odyssey

The Ten Commandments’ in 2024.With a script spanning 308 pages and five years in the making, “The Ten Commandments” is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of its creators.

Epic Odyssey: Viewing Length Exploration

At nearly four hours in length, Cecil B. DeMille’s opus offers viewers an immersive journey into the heart of ancient Egypt, where faith and destiny collide.

5. Exodus on Location: Unearthing Filming Landscapes

Sands of Authenticity: Egyptian Odyssey

Filming on location in Egypt for ten weeks lent an unparalleled authenticity to the production, infusing every frame with the spirit of the ancient world.

Paramount Studios: A Tapestry of Vistas

While Egypt provided the backdrop for much of the film, certain scenes were meticulously crafted on the iconic Paramount Studios lot, enriching the tapestry of visual splendor.

6. Casting Chronicles: The Legends Behind the Characters

Baby Moses: A Prodigy’s Debut

Fraser Heston’s portrayal of baby Moses, under the watchful eye of his father Charlton Heston, marked the beginning of a storied cinematic journey.

Joshua’s Journey: From Casting Call to Silver Screen

John Derek’s portrayal of Joshua breathed life into the character, serving as a beacon of hope amidst the trials and tribulations of ancient Egypt.

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Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

7. Charlton Heston: A Divine Appointment

Serendipity Strikes: The Casting of Moses

Charlton Heston’s embodiment of Moses was no mere coincidence, with the actor’s striking resemblance to Michelangelo’s statue serving as a divine sign.

Divine Voices: Charlton Heston’s Duality

In a stroke of cinematic brilliance, Heston not only portrayed Moses but also lent his voice to the character of God, infusing the film with divine resonance. The Ten Commandments’ in 2024.

8. Jewels of Authenticity: The Glittering Accoutrements

The intricate jewelry adorning the actors was meticulously crafted to mirror the opulence of ancient Egypt, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the production.

9. Opening Symbolism: Decoding the Prelude

The re-colorized Matterhorn in the opening credits serves as a symbolic prelude, heralding the epic journey that unfolds against the backdrop of Mount Sinai.

10. Cinematic Conjurations: The Magic Behind the Scenes

Sandstorms and Spectacles: The Art of Illusion

From simulated sandstorms to awe-inspiring special effects, the film’s visual splendor continues to mesmerize audiences with its breathtaking artistry.

Technological Marvels: Special Effects Extravaganza

Utilizing cutting-edge technology of the time, the filmmakers conjured awe-inspiring spectacles that defied the boundaries of imagination, immersing viewers in a world of wonder.

Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

11. DeMille’s Swan Song: The Culmination of a Storied Career

The Ten Commandments’ in 2024. As Cecil B. DeMille’s final cinematic offering, “The Ten Commandments” stands as a testament to his enduring legacy, cementing his status as one of Hollywood’s greatest visionaries.

12. Edward G. Robinson’s Redemption Arc

Edward G. Robinson’s portrayal of Dathan not only showcased his acting prowess but also marked a triumphant return to the spotlight, revitalizing his career in the process.

13. Yul Brynner’s Shutterbug Chronicles

The Ten Commandments’ in 2024. Yul Brynner’s passion for photography offered a unique perspective behind the scenes, capturing moments of cinematic history for posterity.

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14. Silent Reverberations: The Antecedent Anecdote

Long before the 1956 remake, DeMille’s silent version of “The Ten Commandments” laid the groundwork for the cinematic masterpiece that would follow.

15. Figures in Wax: A Storied Simulation

The use of wax figures added an extra layer of realism to pivotal scenes, immortalizing moments of triumph and tragedy with lifelike precision.

16. Red Sea Riddles: The Illusion Unraveled

Engineering Feats: Crafting Illusions

The iconic parting of the Red Sea was brought to life through ingenious engineering feats, captivating audiences with its sheer spectacle.

Chronology of Spectacle: Strategic Filming

Strategically saved until last in production, the Red Sea sequence served as the crowning glory of the film, ensuring every detail was meticulously executed.

17. Chronological Alchemy: The Timing of Triumphs

The Ten Commandments’ in 2024. Pivotal scenes were meticulously timed to maximize their impact, imbuing the narrative with a sense of dramatic urgency and grandeur.

18. Chariot Chronicles: Maneuvering through Epic Sequences

The breathtaking chariot scenes were a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication, choreographing intricate maneuvers that left audiences spellbound.

Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

19. Harmonic Resonance: The Music of Exodus

Elmer Bernstein’s evocative score added depth and emotion to key moments, elevating the film to transcendent heights of cinematic splendor.

20. Special Broadcasts: Altering the Tides of Tradition

In a departure from convention, the 2022 broadcast of “The Ten Commandments” aired a week earlier, offering audiences an early Easter treat and continuing the tradition of cinematic excellence.

Hollywood Classic The Ten Commandments' in 2024 When and Where To Watch

Conclusion: The Ten Commandments’ in 2024

As we prepare to embark on another journey through the sands of ancient Egypt, let us pause to reflect on the timeless allure of “The Ten Commandments.” With its rich tapestry of history, spectacle, and intrigue, it continues to captivate audiences and inspire generations to come.

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  1. Is “The Ten Commandments” available on streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO Max? No, the film is not available on Netflix, HBO Max, or Paramount+. However, it can be rented or purchased on platforms like Apple TV, Prime Video, and iTunes.
  2. Who played the role of baby Moses in the movie? Baby Moses was portrayed by Fraser Heston, the infant son of lead actor Charlton Heston.
  3. How long is Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 version of “The Ten Commandments”? The uninterrupted viewing length of the film is approximately three hours and thirty-nine minutes.
  4. Where was most of the movie filmed? The majority of the movie was filmed on location in Egypt, with additional scenes shot on the Paramount Studios lot.
  5. What’s the significance of the opening credits featuring the Matterhorn? The re-colorized Matterhorn symbolizes Mount Sinai, setting the stage for the biblical epic that unfolds.

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