Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna shine front row at Sergio Hudson show

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Rachel Brosnahan, Hoda and Jenna shine front row at Sergio Hudson show

Sergio Hudson debuted his latest collection at Starrett-Lehigh on Monday evening, and his front row offered a mix of familiar and new fashion week faces.

Guests taking in the runway show included Danai Gurira, currently in the middle of press for her upcoming spinoff series “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live”; Rachel Brosnahan; “Abbott Elementary” star Janelle James; “Today” cohosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager; “The View” host Sunny Hostin; Auli’i Carvalho; KiKi Layne, and Karen Pittman.

In the dynamic realm of fashion, Sergio Hudson made a significant impact during New York Fashion Week, unveiling his Fall 2024 collection. This event not only showcased his latest creations but also attracted a diverse array of notable personalities to its front row, including influential figures like Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna. This gathering symbolized the evolution of Hudson’s legacy in the fashion industry.

Front Row Celebrities and Their Affiliation with Sergio Hudson

Seated prominently in the front row were not only influential figures like Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna, but also Karen Pittman, Danai Gurira, and Sunny Hostin. These individuals not only attended the show but also embody the clientele that Hudson caters to — those who can afford his creations and radiate confidence at high-profile events.

Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna

Hudson’s clients go beyond the runway, with stars like Rachel Brosnahan and Danai Gurira actively supporting and donning his designs. Hudson expresses gratitude, underlining the significance of having clients like Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna who genuinely appreciate and endorse his work beyond the glamour of the fashion show.

The Fashion Legacy of Sergio Hudson

Having adorned A-list celebrities ranging from Beyoncé to Michelle Obama, Hudson stands as an experienced figure in the fashion industry. Despite his impressive client roster and accolades, he continues to break barriers, proving that ready-to-wear fashion is vibrant and thriving in the American context.

Highlights from the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

The Fall 2024 collection presented a captivating array of designs, drawing inspiration from 1970s fashion icons. Standout elements included functional corsets, luxe fabrics, and ready-to-wear pieces endorsed by stars like Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna.

Inspiration from 1970s Fashion Icons

Hudson’s muse for the season drew from the bold and daring aesthetic of 1970s fashion icons. This influence permeated every element of the collection, paying homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of contemporary design. The collaboration with Rakuten further emphasizes Hudson’s vision, promising accessibility to a broader audience.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

The collection seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, with Hudson infusing his Southern roots into each piece. From rich velvets to buttery soft leather, the collection articulates Hudson’s commitment to creating timeless yet modern wardrobe essentials.

Front Row Influence on Fashion Trends

The front row of Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna NYFW show served as a testament to the designer’s impact on the industry. Alongside Rachel Brosnahan and Gurira, the presence of various stars showcased the influence designers have on fashion trends and celebrity style.

The Significance of Ready-to-Wear Fashion

Hudson’s belief in the importance of ready-to-wear in the American fashion landscape is evident in every piece. The collection isn’t just a display of high fashion; it’s a celebration of clothing that seamlessly integrates into the modern wardrobe.

Dazzling Display at Starrett-Lehigh

The venue, Starrett-Lehigh, provided an ideal backdrop for Hudson’s dazzling display. The mix of familiar and new faces in the audience added to the excitement, creating an atmosphere where fashion enthusiasts could appreciate the fusion of elegance and innovation.

Reactions from the Guests

Celebrities attending the show, such as Janelle James, expressed their admiration for Hudson’s designs, highlighting the sensuality and confidence they feel while wearing his creations. James also provided insights into the upcoming season of “Abbott Elementary” and its exciting developments.

Conclusion of the Runway Show

As the lights dimmed on Hudson’s Fall 2024 showcase, a palpable sense of relief enveloped the designer. Regardless of the reviews, Hudson’s focus is on moving forward, showcasing the resilience required in the fast-paced world of fashion.


We hope you will like the article of Taaza-time.com. Sergio Hudson’s Fall 2024 collection transcends the boundaries of fashion, capturing the essence of elegance and innovation. The blend of vibrant colors, luxurious textures, and a front row adorned with stars like Rachel Brosnahan Hoda and Jenna exemplifies Hudson’s journey in the industry. This collection is not merely a display of trends but a testament to the enduring power of style and craftsmanship.


  1. How can I acquire Sergio Hudson’s Fall 2024 collection?
    • Explore the collection on Sergio Hudson’s official website or visit authorized retailers.
  2. Are Sergio Hudson’s designs exclusively for celebrities?
    • While celebrities endorse his designs, Sergio Hudson’s collections are accessible to fashion enthusiasts globally.
  3. What inspired the Fall 2024 collection?
    • The collection draws inspiration from 1970s fashion icons, offering a blend of tradition and innovation.
  4. Does Sergio Hudson focus only on high fashion?
    • No, Hudson emphasizes the significance of ready-to-wear fashion, creating pieces that seamlessly integrate into everyday wardrobes.
  5. Where did the Fall 2024 runway show take place?
    • The runway show unfolded at Starrett-Lehigh during New York Fashion Week.


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