Gwen Stefani Receives Massive Valentine’s Day gift from Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani Receives Massive Valentine's Day gift from Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Got Gwen Stefani the Biggest Emerald Ring for an Early Valentine’s Gift.

The former The Voice Coach picked out the lavish gift all by himself. To celebrate the release of her new duet ”Purple Irises” with husband Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the launch of her latest duet, “Purple Irises,” alongside her husband Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani made a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Valentine’s Day.

Discussing her plans for the day with her sons and Shelton, Gwen Stefani Receives Massive excitedly revealed a unique and thoughtful Valentine’s gift from her husband.

“I got my Valentine’s present early this year,” she said before cheekily showing off a giant emerald ring to a cheering audience.

“He really mixed it up. Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a ‘here you go!’ Yeah, he did the whole thing. I love you, Blakey!” she declared.

Gwen Stefani Receives Massive Romantic Gestures from Blake Shelton

For Valentine’s Day last year, Shelton went all out and Gwen Stefani Receives Massive assortment of florals. “Hi! Just wanted to say it’s been a while! Happy Valentine’s!” Stefani said to the camera on Instagram, before revealing the beautiful arrangement of red and pink roses.

”Look at my flowers! Thank you, Blakey!” she cheered.

Gift-giving is certainly one of Shelton’s love languages, as Stefani revealed what the most romantic thing that her husband has ever given her in a 2022 interview with Access Hollywood.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton perform “Purple Irises”

During Stefani’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, Shelton joined her for a swoon-worthy live performance of “Purple Irises.” Before the performance, Stefani talked about the process of creating the song with Shelton.

”Blake and I have done a few together. And I’ve popped on a couple of his songs. When he’s asked me to do that, I’m like crying. [I’d do] Anything with him,” she said to Kimmel.

She also talked about her experience writing “Purple Irises” and how she was inspired by Kelly Clarkson’s ability to keep on top of songwriting while staying so busy.

”I’m so excited about the song, and I played it for Blake. And he loved it.” She said, adding that it wasn’t originally planned to be a duet, but rather that aspect was Shelton’s idea. ”I didn’t have to rewrite anything, it just worked.” (Gwen Stefani Receives Massive)

Gwen Stefani rang in Valentine’s Day with a massive ring.

The “No Doubt” singer, 53, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to debut her new single “Purple Irises,” a collaboration with her husband, country crooner Blake Shelton. But the gift to fans wasn’t the only surprise she shared.

“I got my Valentine’s present early this year,” Stefani said, lifting her hand up in the air and pointing to a massive emerald green ring, to cheers from the “Live!” audience.

“It looks like you got a few Valentine’s presents,” Kimmel joked, before asking Stefani if Shelton picks out the bling by himself.

“He really mixed it up. Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a, ‘Here you go!'” Stefani said. “Yeah, he did the whole thing. I love you Blakey!”

Kimmel also recounted the first time he heard Gwen Stefani Receives Massive band No Doubt, which helped her rise to fame in Orange County, and he pointed out that the band will reunite at the California music festival Coachella this spring. She formerly led the rock band with guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist and ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal, and drummer Adrian Young.

“I know what’s going to happen; I’m going to get on stage and look around and just start, like, cracking up. It’s just going to be like riding a bike. We are going to be like, ‘What are we doing?’ We’re in the future right now; we’re at Coachella like it’s going to be bizarre,” Stefani said.

It’s been around a decade since the band last performed together, and Gwen Stefani Receives Massive called the time that’s passed “so weird.”

In January, the Grammy-winning artist told People in an interview that the reception to the reunion news has made her “completely overwhelmed.”

“I definitely have that little thing in your stomach where you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh! What?'” she said. “It’s going to be amazing.”

After all, the “Sweet Escape” singer shared what her husband of over two years gave her for Valentine’s Day—and loving him definitely seems better than gold.

“I got my Valentine’s Day present early this year,” Gwen told Jimmy Kimmel on a Feb. 14 episode of his eponymous late-night show while tapping a ring on her finger. “He really mixed it up, usually I get like, amazing flowers—which I love, love, love—but this was just a, ‘Here you go,’ and I was like, ‘What?'”

As for what the extravagant gift entailed? The “Rich Girl” singer’s ring had a large silver band and head with a green gemstone, which fit in perfectly with her other jewelry and vibrant pink jumpsuit. But Gwen made it clear she didn’t give Blake any advice on the present.

“He did the whole thing,” she continued. “I love you Blakey!”

The couple tied the knot in 2021 after six years of dating. In their nearly 10 years as a couple, Gwen and Blake—who co-parent Gwen Stefani Receives Massive and ex Gavin Rossdale’s sons Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 9—have given insight into their sweet life together, which has included collaborating on music. In fact, the pair recently released “Purple Irises,” which Gwen wrote.

“I played it for him and he loved it,” the 54-year-old added of her latest duet with Blake. “Then I was like, ‘Wait, do you want to hop on this?’ I would never ask him because everybody wants Blake to be on their song—I don’t want him to think I’m using him.”

Luckily, her husband was more than thrilled to join her on the track.

“Creating this song was magic,” the pair wrote in a joint Instagram post on Feb. 9. “We hope u love it as much as we do.”

And while Gwen Stefani Receives Massive Valentine’s gift, and her new duet with Blake, made for perfect Valentines, they aren’t the only celebrity couple to go all out for the day of love. Keep reading to see how all the stars celebrated.

Blake Shelton isn’t messing around this Valentine’s Day! The 47-year-old country crooner picked up a stunning, massive ring for his wife, Gwen Stefani, to frost her finger.

Gwen Stefani Receives Massive, 54, appeared as a guest on Wednesday’s Valentine’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live where she spoke about her Valentine’s plans with Shelton before he joined her on stage to perform their romantic new duet, “Purple Irises.”

“I got my Valentine’s present early this year,” Stefani teased, placing her bedazzled hand on her cheek and pointing to a large emerald green ring.

“He really mixed it up. Usually, I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this time it was just a ‘here you go!'” Stefani revealed of the gift. “Yeah, he did the whole thing. I love you, Blakey!”

While Shelton’s Valentine’s gift was very glam, the couple, who tied the knot in 2021 after more than five years together, kept things casual for their evening celebration.

“We have the boys at home,” Stefani revealed of her three sons—Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, 9, whom she shares with ex-husband, Gavin Ross dale. “I have some water boiling. We’re going to have some ravioli.”


We hope you will like the article of complete information about it is given in this article of Gwen Stefani Receives Massive Valentine’s Day gift from Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a lovely Valentine’s Day celebration with surprises and affection. Stefani, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, shared an early Valentine’s gift – a beautiful emerald ring from Shelton. The couple’s sweet gestures, from extravagant flowers to unique jewelry, highlighted their deep connection.

Gwen Stefani Receives Massive band, No Doubt, reuniting at Coachella after a decade added extra excitement. Stefani looks forward to the surreal experience and is overwhelmed by the positive reception.

In both personal and professional aspects, Stefani and Shelton’s enduring romance and surprises continue to charm audiences, making each Valentine’s Day special.


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