Justin Hartley is super charming and makes the show really interesting.

Making the show with Hartley takes some work, but it's cool because of the great cast and cool mysteries 

The places in the show change a lot, which makes the stories more fun, unlike detective shows that stick to one city. 

Even though the show follows a pattern, it always gives you a good ending for the mysteries. 

Colter calls himself a "rewardist," which is a weird name and not as cool as just saying he's a bounty hunter. 

CBS found a great guy in Hartley. He does action, romance, and everything in between really well 

The show is about Hartley's character, Colter Shaw, who's good at finding people and stuff. 

In each episode, Colter solves a new mystery using his skills as a "rewardist." 

The real mystery is Colter's past, which makes the story more interesting. 

While the show doesn't have anything super special, Hartley's popularity makes it worth watching 

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