Tracker’ Review: Justin Hartley is a network heartthrob

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Tracker' Review: Justin Hartley

In this article has been provide information about Tracker’ Review: Justin Hartley is a network heartthrob.

“Tracker” is fun to watch because of Hartley’s charm. That’s the easy part. Shaping the show around him is requires a bit more effort. “Tracker” is formulaic, but the writers (including Deaver) add some originality in the supporting cast and the mysteries

Tracker,” with Justin Hartley at its helm, captivates audiences with a charismatic performance. Crafting a show around Hartley requires effort, and while formulaic, the series injects originality through its supporting cast and mysteries.

The ever-changing locations offer unique storytelling opportunities not found in typical detective shows confined to one city. Despite some mysteries lacking happy endings, they consistently deliver satisfying conclusions.

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Justin Hartley’s ‘Tracker’ Doesn’t Add Anything New to the Procedural Genre:

If there’s a weak point, it’s Colter’s self-proclaimed title as a “Rewardist,” rivaling the absurdity of Fox’s short-lived 2012 series “The Finder.” Perhaps “Rescue Ranger,” a nod to Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale, or a more recognizable term like “bounty hunter” could better define his role.

Regardless of the label, CBS has found a compelling leading man in Hartley, balancing spectacle and intimacy, flashy action and romantic tension. So, even if you find yourself lost in Hartley’s dreamy eyes, rest assured, he’ll track you down.

Justin Hartley, renowned for his role in “This Is Us,” steps into a new light with CBS’s “Tracker.” Based on Jeffery Deaver’s best-selling novel, “The Never Game,” the show revolves around Hartley’s character, Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist with a penchant for tracking people and objects across the country. As a procedural drama, “Tracker” delves into a new mystery each episode, with Colter, or the self-styled “rewardist,” employing his expertise to uncover hidden clues. While some episodes shine more than others, the real mystery of Colter’s troubled past remains in the shadows.

The pilot, titled “Klamath Falls,” kicks off with a post-Super Bowl launch, following Colter’s $20,000 quest to locate a missing 14-year-old. While the episode meticulously showcases Colter’s skills, the stilted dialogue outside the investigations hampers viewer engagement. (Tracker’ Review: Justin Hartley)

Tracker” Review: “This Is Us” Star Justin Hartley:

Unlike long-running procedurals with complex casts, Tracker opts for a modest ensemble, complicated by Colter’s constant travels. The dynamics among his team—Velma and Teddi Bruin, Bobby Exley, and Reenie Greene—spread across the country, making the show occasionally feel disjointed.

As a procedural, “Tracker” functions adequately. Episode 2, “Springland,” showcases Colter tracking a missing woman in a resort town, revealing palpable hostility. The unexpected twist in the woman’s disappearance highlights the show’s potential. However, sustaining consistently engaging episodes proves challenging.

The most intriguing facet lies not in the countless investigations but in Colter’s traumatic upbringing, explored in the pilot. Raised off the grid by a mentally ill and paranoid father, Colter’s past offers a compelling narrative thread. However, the reclusive protagonist is in no rush to confront his history, leaving viewers eager for deeper exploration.

Tracker Review: Justin Hartley’s CBS Procedural Has Promise but Plays:

“Tracker” fits the network drama mold but lacks standout qualities. Hartley’s star power prevents it from being forgettable, yet Colter Shaw lacks the charisma of his “This Is Us” character. Despite action-packed scenes, the series fails to offer a fresh perspective in a saturated TV landscape. While easy to dip into, the absence of a consistent core case makes it just as easy to step away in favor of series with cult followings or procedural rookies boasting charming leads.

Tracker, which premiered on CBS Sunday evening following the Super Bowl, begins with Colter Shaw (Justin Hartley) reminding us of this fact: All of the lost people he finds will live, even if they’re suffering through grave illnesses or near-fatal injuries. Thanks to his off-the-grid upbringing, Colter has the ability to find nearly any missing person and rescue them from danger. The only thing Colter can’t save? His own show, which continually struggles to stay afloat.

Colter calls himself a “reward’s.” He seeks the prize money from missing persons cases in the western part of the country. Deeming himself a lone wolf, Colton works on his own terms—the reward becomes legally binding, he argues, as soon as he’s found the person. He’s willing to break the law to find these people and cash in on those huge sums. But…is a $20,000 prize really worth it when you constantly have to pay bail, travel money, and other living costs? At that point, a job with law enforcement seems like a better opportunity.

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We hope you will like the article of complete information about it is given in this article of Tracker’ Review: Justin Hartley is a network heartthrob. “Tracker” weaves a tale of mysteries around Hartley’s charm, offering a formulaic yet entertaining ride, with the potential for deeper explorations into its lead’s enigmatic past.


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