Decade-Long Union Ends: Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones separate after nearly 10 years of marriage, confirmed by a close friend on Monday.

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Amicable Parting: Despite the split in 2019, the couple, guided by mutual respect, remains close friends, encouraging each other. 

Graceful Separation: Their decision to lead separate lives is mutual, handled with grace and maturity, demonstrating deep affection and respect. 

Gratitude and Journey: Filled with gratitude, Rosales and Jones appreciate the memories and lessons learned 

Supportive Friends: Echo and Kim, described as the best of friends, wish each other the best and express gratitude for the support received over the years 

Privacy Appreciation: Incredibly grateful for privacy, the couple requests respect during this time of separation. 

Ongoing Collaboration: Despite personal changes, Rosales and Jones collaborate on a film project, highlighting their continued creative partnership 

Individual Pursuits: Both are pursuing individual projects – Jones in writing and filmmaking, Rosales preparing for the release of "Sell Block." 

Happy Revelation: Addressing speculations, Rosales recently shared they are "happy," countering rumors of a strained relationship. 

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