Crucial Advice: J.J. Abrams advised Ridley on the sacred commitment of Star Wars.

Isolation and Pressure: Playing Rey brought fame but also stress and isolation.

 Emotional Toll: Ridley faced online negativity, prompting a 2016 social media break.

 Resilience and Return: Despite challenges, Ridley returns to Star Wars with optimism.

 Positive Fan Interactions: Most fans are supportive, balancing out the negatives. 

Impact on Career: Being Star Wars' face had ups and downs for Ridley.

Unhealthy Social Media: Ridley returned in 2022 with a focus on a healthier online presence 

 A New Hope - Optimism: Ridley is excited about returning to Star Wars.

 Balancing Experiences: Ridley's journey reflects personal growth amidst challenges.

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