Homecoming: Candace Parker returns after 20 years for Naperville Central's anniversary.

Naperville Roots: Candace grew up in Naperville, developing basketball skills locally.

High School Triumph: Parker led Redhawks to state championships, leaving a lasting mark.

College and Recognition: Played for Tennessee, earning national acclaim and championships.

WNBA Success: Transitioning, Candace achieved multiple championships and awards.

Emotional Return: Parker excited about coming back to where it all began

Community Excitement: Naperville eagerly awaits its hometown hero's celebration.

Off-Court Impact: Beyond sports, Candace advocates for women and serves as a role model.

Legacy of Inspiration: Return signifies more than championships – it's about a hometown hero's impact.

Celebrating Excellence: Candace Parker's story celebrates sports, hard work, and Naperville Central's enduring spirit.

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