Iconic NPR host Bob Edwards passes away at 76, leaving a legacy of trusted journalism and warmth.

Windsor Johnston confirms Bob Edwards' death, marking the end of an era in broadcasting.

NPR CEO John Lansing lauds Edwards for his personal connection with millions of listeners.

Edwards' 30-year NPR tenure includes co-hosting 'All Things Considered' and leading 'Morning Edition.'

Ellen McDonnell credits Edwards' warmth for the success of 'Morning Edition.'

Edwards' journey from Kentucky to NPR showcases his dedication to radio journalism.

Accolades including the Edward R. Murrow Award and Peabody Award adorn Edwards' career.

Edwards bids farewell to NPR, endorsing 'Morning Edition' as a source of quality journalism.

After leaving NPR, Edwards finds a home at SiriusXM with 'The Bob Edwards Show.'

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