Katy Perry's joy shines in candid American Idol Hawaii shoot with Lionel Richie & Luke Bryan.

Glamorous Katy sports a lime-green dress in unedited American Idol Hawaii footage.

Paparazzi capture Katy Perry's radiant smile amid American Idol filming in Hawaii.

Katy Perry surprises in unfiltered American Idol Hawaii shots with Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan & Lionel Richie charm in Hawaii while taping American Idol.

Fans get glimpse of Katy Perry's upbeat mood in behind-the-scenes American Idol snaps.

Katy Perry's return to American Idol brings mixed reactions despite her enthusiasm.

Backlash follows Katy Perry's American Idol promo post despite her excitement.

Katy Perry's promotional artwork for American Idol receives criticism from some fans.

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