Usher regrets his split with Chilli, confessing, "I really did love that girl."

Despite proposing, Chilli turned down Usher's offer of marriage, shattering his heart.

Their relationship faced challenges due to Chilli's specific rules, causing a painful breakup.

Usher's seductive persona wasn't just for show; he charmed older women from a young age.

He recalls admiring Chilli's beauty since childhood, dreaming of meeting her one day.

Their breakup left Usher distrustful of women, hesitant to open up emotionally.

Chilli felt Usher had to maintain a certain image with her, affecting their real-life connection.

Despite the split, they remained on-and-off for years, reconnecting between other relationships.

Both have moved on; Chilli is with Matthew Lawrence, while Usher recently wed Jenn Goicoechea.

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