Griselda Blanco, born in 1943, began her criminal journey at 11, kidnapping and killing a boy in Cartagena  

Teenage Transition to Crime: At 13, she delved into prostitution and pickpocketing, residing with her alleged pimp and first husband 

: In the '60s, Griselda and Alberto Bravo moved to Queens, NY, concealing their cocaine empire behind Bravo's clothing import business

Griselda opened a lingerie factory with hidden pockets for drug smuggling, revolutionizing the history of drug trafficking 

Miami's Criminal Web: Her empire expanded in Miami, connecting with Pablo Escobar 

Griselda orchestrated the infamous 1979 Dadeland Mall shootout, claiming lives and cementing her notorious reputation 

Arrest, Exile, and Control: After a decade on the run, she was arrested in 1985 in California 

Legal Battles and Release: Griselda faced federal charges, serving 15 years 

Assassination in Medellín: Her life ended dramatically in 2012, gunned down in Medellín 

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