Legendary Return: Joni Mitchell's comeback at Hollywood Bowl after 24 years captivates fans worldwide.

Musical Icon: Mitchell's folk, rock, and jazz blend makes her a legendary songwriter and performer.

1Hollywood Bowl Magic: Choosing this iconic venue adds historical significance to her return.

Surprise Reappearance: A surprising return at Newport Folk Festival in 2022 sparked anticipation for more performances.

Triumphant Comeback: Echoes Through the Canyon festival marked Mitchell's official return, showcasing her enduring talent.

Collaborative Brilliance: Hollywood Bowl promises a night of musical brilliance, featuring a special tribute with Carlile and friends

Nostalgic Hits: Mitchell's performance includes iconic hits like "Ladies of the Canyon," taking audiences on a nostalgic journey.

Masterful Finale: The concert concludes with the masterpiece "Circle Game," a fitting end to celebrate Mitchell’s musical legacy.

Exclusive Ticket Access: Presale on Jan. 31 for dedicated fans, general sale opens on Feb. 2.

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