Campaign Launch: DeSantis started with confidence, promising "the Great American Comeback."

Trump's Shadow: Faced "Trump 2.0" label, but lacked a path to beat the frontrunner. 

Charisma Challenge: Struggled with voter connection and campaign charisma. 

Trump's Dominance: Couldn't match Trump's strong follower base and political identity. 

Poll Position: Began strong against Trump, but saw a significant dip in polls over time. 

Late Campaign Start: Delayed official launch allowed Trump to regain political strength. 

Strategy Missteps: Focused on culture wars, overlooking key economic voter concerns. 

DeSantis vs. Trump: His more reserved style contrasted sharply with Trump's dynamism.

Iowa and New Hampshire: His robotic demeanor didn't resonate in key early states. 

Looking to 2028: Despite the setback, supporters and DeSantis eye future prospects.