Deceptive Filters: Distort self-perception, reinforcing unrealistic beauty standards and affecting mood and self-worth 

Pressure Amplifier: Media filters intensify societal pressure, linking self-worth to appearance, creating a sense of inadequacy 

llusory Ideal: Convincing filters lead to unhealthy comparisons, pushing individuals to emulate unattainable perfection 

Reality Blur: Filters 'blur the line' between real and altered, creating constant, inescapable pressure to conform 

Cosmetic Consequences: Changing aesthetic trends fueled by filters trigger insecurity and dissatisfaction 

Perpetual Pressure: Social media's omnipresence magnifies damaging effects on body image 

Educational Initiatives: Resources aim to mitigate stress from negative body image 

Parental Role: Vigilance, open communication, and setting boundaries are crucial 

Offline Empowerment: Encouraging offline connections and diverse content reduces reliance on filtered representations 

Reality Check: Harriet Frew urges remembering online images are not real life, advocating against harmful comparisons