Spec Ops: The Line, a significant game of the seventh console generation, was unexpectedly removed from Steam. 

The delisting, noticed by Wario64 on Twitter, prevents players from buying the game on Steam. 

Despite its removal from Steam, Spec Ops: The Line is still accessible on other PC storefronts and Xbox. 

The game's critical acclaim and historical importance make its delisting unusual and noteworthy. 

The infamous white phosphorus scene in The Line is often discussed for its impact on gaming narratives. 

Spec Ops: The Line marked a critical shift towards a more thought-provoking era in modern conflict-based video games. 

The game challenges players by making them question their role and choices in a war setting. 

The removal from Steam raises questions about the reasons behind this decision. 

Despite the setback, the game is still considered worth playing on other available platforms. 

Spec Ops: The Line's absence from Steam, a major storefront, is a disappointment, but alternative platforms still offer access. 

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