A Falcon 9 rocket tops off 23 Starlink spacecraft as NASA launches them

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida today at 6:15 pm. EST (2315 GMT).13 hours ago

SpaceX launches the first of two rockets today:

Another Falcon 9 launches 22 more from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California during a roughly four-hour window

Starlinks will take to the skies, opening tonight at 9:16 p.m. EST

(6:16 pm local time, and 0216 GMT on January 29).

The mission not only addresses the digital divide but also highlights SpaceX’s ability to reuse reliable Falcon 9 rockets. 

The company’s consideration for the environment and collaboration with astronomers demonstrates a commitment to responsible space exploration.

SpaceX launches first of 2 rockets today As Starlink aligns with SpaceX’s goal of making space accessible,

the frequent launches suggest an ongoing effort to expand satellite constellations and enhance internet services. 

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