Snoop Dogg's relationship with Donald Trump has shifted from conflict to expressing "love and respect" for the former president 

In a recent interview, Snoop revealed that Trump hasn't done anything wrong to him and has done great things for him 

The feud between Snoop and Trump seems to be over, marking a change from Snoop's past trolling of the former president

Snoop appreciates Trump for pardoning Michael Harris, co-founder of Snoop's first label, who was in prison for drug offenses 

Snoop acknowledges his turnaround by stating, "I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump 

n 2017, Snoop stirred controversy with a music video where he pointed a gun at a clown resembling Trump, leading to criticism from Trump 

The song "Make America Crip Again" from 2018 was Snoop's response, aiming to empower Black communities and counter Trump's slogan 

 Snoop clarified that the phrase "Make America Crip Again" is a rejection of the notion of returning to a time of separation and segregation. 

 Snoop's bold statement in 2018, where he said "F*** the president" outside the White House, contrasts sharply with his current tone of love and respect 

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