Simone Rocha, Irish design maven, shines in Paris, guest-starring on Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic catwalk.

 Gaultier lauds Rocha's intelligence and beauty, impressed by her unique take on his legendary designs.

Retired Gaultier lends his coveted Paris spot to guest designers; Rocha wows with intelligence and beauty.

 Rocha's twisted girlishness meets Gaultier's showmanship: bows, ribbons, and provocative surrealism on display.

The revival of Gaultier's iconic conical bra, transformed into silk thorns on feminine curves, evokes rose symbolism.

 Corsets, a dominant theme, blend bondage and embroidery, showcasing a rebellious streak with undone details.

 Subversion in the details: earrings crafted from suspender-belt stays, and human hair knotted into chignons.

 Rocha and Gaultier connect over a shared love for the female form, breasts, hips, and a natural, artistic conversation.

Rocha's Chinese heritage showcased in a patchworked gown with vintage Irish crochet, metallicized with silver.

Haute couture finale rocks with a classic lace bridal gown, its untethered, raw edges bring a rebellious twist.