Maison Margiela's Resurgence: Galliano's comeback show rekindles vintage couture's extravagance 

Fashion Theater's Revival: Galliano challenges global brand dominance, bringing back the art of fashion theater 

Vintage Galliano's Defiance: In an era of comfort, Vintage Galliano boldly reshapes nature and bodies 

Couture's Marketing Shift: Modern couture leans towards brand marketing, losing its rich narrative 

Substance in Couture Critique: Emerging couturiers lack substance, as seen in Gupta and Wun's works 

Simone Rocha's Twist: Rocha adds contemporary relevance to Gaultier's vintage style by subverting stereotypes 

Uniqueness in Couture: Rocha and Galliano champion uniqueness against conformity in couture 

Originality in Trends: Fendi and Alaïa lead the shift towards originality, abandoning imitations 

Valentino's Simple Luxury: Piccioli at Valentino shows unseen effort through sumptuous simplicity 

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