Arun Yogiraj's Legacy: From a line of Mysuru sculptors, his art is deep-rooted in family tradition.

Ayodhya Arrival: Yogiraj reaches Ayodhya for Ram Mandir's idol consecration, a momentous occasion. 

Feeling Blessed: Calls himself the luckiest, feeling the support of ancestors and divine grace. 

Grand Ceremony: Big names, including PM Modi, to attend the temple's idol consecration event. 

Lord Ram's Idol: Yogiraj's crafted idol, symbolizing Lord Ram as a child, is now in the temple. 

Idol's Artistic Detail: A 51-inch Ram, youthful and divine, stands on a lotus, both intricately made. 

Yogiraj's Artistic Roots: Inspired by his father and grandfather, he was destined to sculpt. 

Corporate to Creativity: Left an MBA career for his true calling in sculpting in 2008. 

Nationwide Acclaim: Yogiraj's sculptures, including one of Subhash Chandra Bose, are renowned. 

Iconic Work at India Gate: His 30-foot Bose statue is a highlight behind Amar Jawan Jyoti.