Prince Harry raced head-first down a skeleton track at 61.5mph at his latest public  

Appearance - and declared that the thrill-seeking experience  

Prince Harry raced head-first on a tiny skeleton sled going 99 kph (61.5 mph) down a track at next year’s Invictus Games site Thursday, 

"should be compulsory" for everyone. Harry was in Whistler, Canada, where he and Meghan 

Have spent a few days meeting athletes training for next year's Invictus Games. 

The Duke of Sussex has tried his hand at skeleton bobsled as he joined Invictus Games competitors training in Canada on Thursday

Pictures from the track in Whistler show Harry sporting a white helmet as he speeds headfirst down the frozen track.

Cowbells rang out as the prince finished his first run, and when he was helped off the track 

He took off his helmet and said with a smile that “everyone should do this, it should be compulsory.” 

"A big catastrophic event like that affects you, so adaptive sports is my way of dealing with that.” 

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