Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy, stars of "Pretty in Pink," ended their feud on "The View." 

Cryer shared the backstage reconciliation, mentioning past tension during the movie's filming. 

On "The View," Cryer promoted his new show, "Extended Family," after a decade since their feud episode. 

Cryer learned about McCarthy's struggles from his 2021 memoir "Brat," understanding the past tension. 

McCarthy faced alcoholism during the movie, and Cryer realized he had misunderstood him back then. 

Despite their movie characters being enemies, Cryer now considers McCarthy a friend. 

In a lighter moment, Cryer joked about McCarthy's iconic hair from the '80s. 

Although Cryer reunited with McCarthy, he doesn't plan to work with former co-star Charlie Sheen. 

Cryer wishes Sheen well but is cautious about entering a long-term business collaboration with him. 

Cryer's role as Duckie in "Pretty in Pink" remains iconic, resonating with viewers even after three decades. 

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