Phil Robertson is a famous American TV personality known for leading the Robertson family on Duck Dynasty. 

People love him for his passion for duck hunting, distinctive long beard, and friendly charm. 

Born on April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana, Phil is currently 77 years old with six siblings. 

His full name is Phil Alexander Robertson, and his parents are James Robertson and Meritt Hale. 

Phil and his family enjoy a comfortable life, with an estimated net worth of around $15 million as of February 2023. 

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, Phil weighs 85 kilograms and has brown irises and hair. 

Phil achieved success in business, creating the duck call and founding Duck Commander, featured in Duck Dynasty. 

He excelled in football, track, and baseball in college, and his passion for duck hunting grew. 

Phil and his family enjoy a comfortable life thanks to his fame and the wealth he has accumulated through his endeavors 

His estimated net worth is around $15 million as of February 2023 

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