Bluey Book Reads - A new YouTube series for Bluey fans to enjoy stories about Bluey and her sister Bingo. 

BBC Studios launched Bluey Book Reads, connecting kids to the world of reading with stories from the "Bluey" show. 

Two episodes will be available each month on the official Bluey YouTube channel and 

Kylie and Dannii Minogue started Bluey Book Reads with "Mini Bluey," a story about discovery and sisterly love. 

The series includes narration, visuals, and live-action shots, according to the BBC. 

Other celebrities involved in the series include: 

Kylie Minogue said, "Bluey is an Aussie icon, and reading 'Mini Bluey' with my sister was an easy YES!" 

"There is life before Bluey, and life after! Once you know Bluey... you are hooked!" she said. 

Bluey Book Reads offers a new way for kids to enjoy reading with engaging stories. 

The series aims to create interest in reading among kids and connect them with the stories from the "Bluey" show. 

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