Supergirl's New Face: Milly Alcock chosen by DC Studios for the iconic role, surprising many.

James Gunn's Touch: Director Gunn aims to bring depth and authenticity to DC Universe.

Excitement Builds: Fans eager to see Alcock's unique take on Supergirl's character.

Diverse Casting: DC Studios' bold move reflects a commitment to inclusivity in superhero movies.

Impact on Comics: Casting choices often influence the comic book community's perception.

Alcock's Journey: From early roles to catching James Gunn's eye, her rise mirrors superhero grit.

Expectations Soar: High anticipation for Gunn's version of Supergirl's narrative.

Connecting with Fans: Alcock's commitment promises a portrayal resonating with viewers.

Countdown to Release: Excitement grows as the Supergirl movie's release date approaches.

New Era Beckons: Alcock set to shine, marking a new era for the DC Universe in superhero cinema.

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