Wide Usage:  People aged 7 to 70 use platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Safety Concerns:  Worries about protecting under-18s from harmful content on social media. 

Responsibility Shift: Zuckerberg suggests Apple and Google handle app age verification. 

Collaborative Safety:  Social media companies, Apple, Google, and the EU work together for child safety. 

Meta's Steps:  Meta enhances safety, restricting under-18s from receiving messages from strangers. 

Insufficient Measures: Current efforts deemed inadequate for ensuring children's safety. 

Congressional Attention: CEOs of TikTok, Snap, Discord, and X summoned over child safety. 

Zuckerberg's Proposal: Suggests app stores notify parents for age verification during downloads. 

Parental Emphasis:  Stress on parents playing a vital role in child safety on social media. 

Ongoing Discussions:  Talks continue on age verification responsibility with proactive actions expected. 

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