Madelyn Cline supports Pete Davidson at Philadelphia comedy show, spotted leaving together in stylish winter attire.

Davidson's gig had been announced days prior, rebounding after his canceled NYC performance in December 2023.

Cline, 26, maintains a low profile in a beige coat and Tommy Hilfiger cap, while Davidson, 30, rocks a black hoodie.

Davidson and Cline, a private couple, started dating in September 2023, keeping their romance under wraps initially.

They quickly bonded over shared similarities, particularly appreciating each other's dry sense of humor.

Despite initial plans to stay low-key, Cline has met Davidson's sister, gaining approval for their strong bond.

Cline's dating history includes Jackson Guthy and a high-profile romance with "Outer Banks" co-star Chase Stokes.

The couple remains amicable with Stokes, emphasizing the importance of keeping personal matters separate from their job.

Davidson, with a star-studded dating history, dated co-star Chase Sui Wonders before his relationship with Cline.

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