The Spider-Verse expands with Madame Web, Sony’s latest superhero movie premiering on February 14 

This marks Marvel’s clairvoyant Cassandra Webb’s cinematic debut, offering an intriguing story on the big screen. 

Madame Web will globally hit theaters on February 14, exclusively on the big screen.

Madame Web Release Date steps into the spotlight, making her cinematic debut after her 1980 Marvel comic debut. 

While Spider-Man’s tales are well-known, Madame Web offers a fresh perspective on lesser-known characters, focusing on female protagonists 

Directed by S.J. Clarkson, the film promises a new dimension to Sony’s Spider-Man universe. 

Madame Web’s trailer hints at a complex storyline, deviating from traditional comic narratives. 

For those finding it challenging to understand, here’s a comprehensive guide to the upcoming film. 

Madame Web, portrayed by Dakota Johnson, unfolds as a New York City paramedic with newfound clairvoyant powers 

Madame Web ventures into new territory, featuring three Spider-Women prominently.  

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