LBank Exchange Listing: Meta Plus Token (MTS) is listed on LBank Exchange on January 7, 2024.

MTS/USDT Trading Pair: Trading begins at 12:00 UTC on the listing date.

Token Features: MTS merges cryptocurrency with real estate for global payment use and is integrated with major e-commerce platforms.

Meta Pay Card: A feature allowing MTS use for everyday purchases.

Investor Benefits: MTS investors get a share of company profits.

Security and Transparency: Emphasis on financial safety and operational openness.

Future Plans: Includes marketing, partnerships, and e-commerce strategy.

Token Supply: 250 million MTS tokens, with a detailed distribution plan.

About LBank: A global crypto exchange established in 2015, known for its financial services and user fund security.

Additional Information: The article provides MTS's official website, social media, and LBank's contact information.