Kelly Osbourne praises Ozempic for impressive weight loss. 

Despite Sharon Osbourne's concerns, Kelly insists on its effectiveness. 

In an E! News interview, Kelly highlights Ozempic's exciting approach to weight loss. 

Sharon, however, cautions against using Ozempic, especially among teenagers. 

Kelly defends Ozempic at Dolly Parton's Pet Gala, calling it amazing. 

Critics, including Sharon, worry about the drug's cost and long-term impacts. 

Sharon discloses stopping Ozempic due to unintended extreme weight loss. 

Kelly emphasizes Ozempic's benefits, hinting at critics' potential motives. 

Tracy Morgan credits Ozempic for weight loss, but its popularity creates a shortage. 

Social media voices concerns about Ozempic's impact on those with Type 2 diabetes, criticizing its use for quick weight loss. 

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