Jenny Slate's latest special showcases her energetic stand-up style, coupled with introspective reflections.

Slate's career spans SNL, breakout dramedy Obvious Child, diverse film roles, and memorable voice work.

She maintains a Zen outlook, prioritizing personal identity over external expectations in her career.

Stage fright persists but doesn't hinder her performances; she explores comedic avenues beyond stand-up.

Offended by being considered for Pennywise, she emphasizes the importance of supportive representation.

Despite a diverse résumé, Slate craves emotionally resonant roles, particularly in horror movies.

Potty humor persists as a source of amusement, revealing a fascination with bodily vulnerability.

The cultural impact of her first SNL episode, including dropping the F-bomb, left lasting impressions.

Slate reflects on stepping down from voicing Missy on Big Mouth, recognizing the importance of representation.

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