Jennifer Garner playfully teases Mark Ruffalo at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Garner praises Ruffalo's work on "Poor Things" and celebrates the joy it brings to colleagues. 

Garner and Ruffalo recreate Michael Jackson's move, adding a lively touch to the event. 

Mark Ruffalo's candid talk reveals challenges in the entertainment industry. 

Despite glamour, Ruffalo highlights common pressures in entertainment. 

Garner's banter reflects uncertainties for actors, even the well-known ones. 

Ruffalo emphasizes the importance of careful career decisions. 

Despite doubts, Ruffalo's perseverance showcases his passion and ability to overcome challenges. 

Ruffalo's openness resonates with aspiring actors, showing shared uncertainties. 

The banter may appear on social media, creating excitement among fans. 

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