Jenna Ortega teases a more cinematic and intense experience for 'Wednesday' Season 2, raising fan expectations.

During the 2023 Emmy Awards, Ortega excitedly discusses the new season, hinting at significant developments. 

Season 2 of 'Wednesday' will emphasize horror elements while preserving Wednesday's unique, unchanging persona. 

Ortega highlights a shift in format, promising more cinematic storytelling and memorable one-liners. 

Expectations are high for a larger scale and more action in each episode, resembling mini-movies. 

Series creators Gough and Millar reveal plans to introduce more Addams family characters in the upcoming season. 

A deeper exploration of Wednesday's relationship with her mother, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, is planned. 

Ortega expresses a preference for horror themes over typical teen romance narratives in the new season. 

The show moves its filming location to Ireland for Season 2, set to begin in April, marking a change from Romania. 

Fans eagerly await the enhanced, thrilling experience of ‘Wednesday’ Season 2, as revealed by Jenna Ortega.