Jazz Jennings, "I Am Jazz" star, celebrates a 70-pound weight loss with a beachside photo in a flowing strapless halter top.

 Posting on Instagram, the 23-year-old expresses pride in her progress, feeling happier and healthier after battling binge eating disorder.

 Fans congratulate Jazz on her remarkable transformation, praising her beauty inside and out, emphasizing happiness and well-being.

In June 2021, Jazz revealed her struggle with binge eating disorder, attributing a 100-pound weight gain to the condition.

 Jazz posted side-by-side photos, acknowledging her addiction to food and committing to positive changes for her health and body.

National Eating Disorders Association defines binge eating disorder (BED), detailing associated behaviors and criteria for diagnosis.

In November 2021, Jazz shared her mental health and binge eating disorder struggles, explored in "I Am Jazz" Seasons 7 & 8.

 Jazz emphasizes the need for open discussions about mental health, weight gain, and food addiction, addressing prevalent issues.

While not specifying her weight loss methods, Jazz shares a jogging video with her supportive dad, highlighting the importance of consistency.

Jazz looks forward to reaching her health goals, appreciating her father's unwavering support in her transformative journey.