Instagram's leader, Adam Mosseri, isn't sure if they'll launch Flipside on the app. 

Meta is testing Flipside to solve the 'finstas' issue and let users share privately. 

Flipside lets you make a special profile for sharing exclusive stuff with selected followers. 

Meta is testing Flipside to improve private sharing on Instagram. 

Alessandro Paluzzi found Flipside in development and shared screenshots in December. 

Flipside is promoted as "a new space just for you and your friends," keeping content private. 

Matt Navara, a social media expert, shared a video demonstrating how Flipside works. 

Flipside acts as another profile, allowing users to share reels and posts with chosen followers. 

This new feature might be Meta's solution to 'finstas,' fake accounts for private talks 

Instagram keeps evolving with innovations like Flipside, focusing on user connections and private sharing.

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