Hawaii leads as America's clean energy paradise, with one-third of homes powered by rooftop solar. 

Pioneering a renewable future, Hawaii aims for 100% clean energy by 2044, going coal-free by 2023. 

Hawaii's huge 185MW battery near Honolulu marks a significant stride in sustainable energy storage. 

Hawaiian Electric's giant battery sets a global record in electricity system integration. 

With no fossil fuel reserves, Hawaii's shift to renewables reduces reliance on imported oil. 

Each Hawaiian island boasts its own grid, with a remarkable 32% of energy from renewables. 

Innovative Battery Bonus program in Hawaii encourages rooftop solar and battery storage adoption. 

Hawaii tops global charts with 37% of homes using rooftop solar, leading in renewable usage. 

Geothermal power in Hawaii harnesses the Kilauea volcano, contributing significantly to the grid. 

Kapolei Energy Storage Facility plays a pivotal role in Hawaii's ambitious renewable energy goals.