Hailey Bieber shares her skin struggle with perioral dermatitis, promoting empathy and understanding.

Perioral dermatitis causes discomfort with red bumps around the mouth, nose, and chin.

Hailey bravely reveals her "pretty bad flare-up," aiming to raise awareness.

Advocating for acceptance, Hailey spotlights the emotional toll of skin conditions.

Hailey's skincare regimen includes azelaic acid cream and Clindamycin for day and night.

Integrating prescription treatments, Hailey prioritizes holistic skincare with Rhode's Glazing Milk.

Hailey challenges beauty norms, emphasizing dedication over perfection.

Through her brand, Hailey celebrates imperfections, empowering individuality.

Public scrutiny highlights the challenges faced by figures like Hailey.

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