Exclusive TikTok Extravaganza: Gwen Stefani preps for a unique Super Bowl pre-show on TikTok Tailgate, promising a musical spectacle 

Family & Fans Connection: Stefani, a sports enthusiast, shares TikTok Tailgate joy with her football-fan family, adding a personal touch 

Global Super Bowl Impact: Stefani embraces TikTok's global reach, fulfilling a dream to bring Super Bowl festivities to millions 

Behind-the-Scenes Peek: Stefani unveils her hands-on creative process, managing outfits and glam for an extraordinary show 

Glam Routine with GXVE: As GXVE founder, Stefani details her pre-show routine, ensuring style and glam complement her stage presence 

Song Selection Challenge: Stefani faces the challenge of choosing songs for a limited 50-minute set, aiming for an exciting lineup 

Fan-Focused Song Choices: Known for audience connection, Stefani picks fan favorites, promising an energetic and captivating performance 

 High-Energy Anticipation: Stefani looks forward to creating a high-energy atmosphere, anticipating excitement and hype 

Passion in Performance: Stefani's TikTok Tailgate gig reflects her passion, turning it into an unforgettable Super Bowl fan experience .

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