Google Messages is undergoing a notable redesign, shifting to a left-aligned text field where the emoji button takes the lead. 

Following the emoji button, users now have access to Magic Compose, a gallery with a new icon, and the plus button, 

which has now moved to the opposite end. 

Emoji Button Now, expressing emotions is just a tap away. The new text box includes a dedicated emoji button,

Gallery Button Sharing images becomes more accessible with the integrated gallery button

Magic Compose A standout addition to the revamped layout is the Magic Compose feature. 

Plus Icon Enclosed in a Circle Within the text field, a novel plus icon enclosed in a circle catches the eye.

Voice Recorder Transformation The voice recorder is getting a makeover, with Moods now having a distinct space outside the text field pill.

Google Messages’ Answer To make users happy, Google Messages decided to give a new look to the texting part. 

New Design Feature The new look has a bar with quick buttons. These buttons help users send things easily and use emojis without any trouble.

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