Final Fantasy 14 announces a new Moogle Treasure Trove event starting on January 30. 

The event introduces the Mogpendium, a tool to track activities that yield rewards. 

Players can complete Weekly Objectives for bonus rewards in various duties. 

Minimog Challenges guide players to side activities like the Great Hunt, Triple Triad, Fishing, and Treasure Maps. 

Ultimog Challenges may offer rewards for clearing more challenging content. 

These changes aim to diversify the event and discourage repetitive optimization. 

The event runs from January 30 to March 11. 

A second part of the event is planned for the summer. 

The Moogle Treasure Trove event occupies players between major patches, offering tomestones for specific activities. 

Rewards include glamour items, mounts, emotes, and hairstyles, providing incentives for participation. 

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