Spoiler Alert: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League spoilers circulating on social media after one day.

Bug Glitch: Early access players find game completed due to bug, revealing key plot details.

Batman's Demise: Shocking reveal of Arkham Batman's death sparks instant online outrage.

YouTuber Leak: Dan Allen Gaming shares cutscene with King Shark dropping Batman, ending with Harley Quinn's fatal shot.

Fan Backlash: YouTube flooded with criticism, deeming the scene "disrespectful" to Batman.

Dissatisfying Death: Fans express disappointment in Batman's demise, lacking an honorable end.

Audio Leak: Pre-launch hints dismissed, some fans hoped for a different outcome.

Theories Abound: Fan speculations include fake death, Clayface stand-in, and Justice League's return post-launch.

 Controversial Cutscene: Leaked without full context, creating anticipation for the official game release on February 2.

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