Unexpected Despair: Elmo's innocent query unleashed a wave of despair as users poured out their struggles and anxieties.

Raw Emotions: Social media users confessed depression, job loss, election anxiety, and even peculiar issues like a dog's antics.

Overwhelming Response: Elmo's question garnered over 140 million views, revealing a surprising depth of emotional fatigue online.

Sesame Street Impact: Sesame Workshop's executive sees the intense engagement as a call for accessible mental health resources.

Social Media Team: A dedicated team manages Sesame Street characters' accounts, aiming to extend their voices and promote educational content.

Strategic Engagement: Open-ended questions serve as a tactic to boost interaction, shedding light on the characters' personalities and maintaining relevance.

Internet Persona: Elmo, a symbol of nostalgia, becomes a target for adults facing modern challenges, allowing them to vent about life changes.

Low-Stakes Target: Unlike online attacks on individuals, venting frustrations on a fictional puppet like Elmo seems less consequential.

Digital Nostalgia: Elmo's resurgence in adult social media feeds triggers a yearning for a simpler era associated with childhood.

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