Dylan Sprouse cherishes mornings, finding solace waking up next to his wife, Barbara Palvin, and their dog.

Marriage to Barbara Palvin brought a new sense of purpose, motivating Dylan to work harder and feel fulfilled.

Despite his jovial demeanor, Dylan admits to occasional trouble at home, like watching shows without Barbara.

Dylan fondly recalls his time on "The Suite Life" with brother Cole, reminiscing about their playful fights.

The couple's love story began long after their Disney days, with Dylan and Barbara dating for years before marriage.

The actor expresses contentment in his marriage, claiming there are no downsides to being wed to Barbara.

Dylan's upcoming film, "Beautiful Wedding," adds to his repertoire, showcasing his talent beyond his Disney roots.

The bond between Dylan and Cole Sprouse extends beyond sibling rivalry, marked by laughter and camaraderie.

Dylan's perspective on marriage reflects a deep appreciation for the little moments shared with his beloved wife.

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