Google Maps unveiled a mysterious 'black island' in the Pacific Ocean, sparking curiosity over the years. 

In 2009, professional diver Enric Sala explored the island, discovering it is named 'Vostok Island.' 

Vostok Island belongs to the Republic of Kiribati, and its isolated location makes it rarely visited. 

The island appeared 'blacked out' on Google Maps, leading to theories of hidden military bases. 

Sala's dive unveiled the island's rich marine life, with sharks, barracuda, and vibrant corals. 

Despite the dive, Google Maps continues to show Vostok Island as a blacked-out area. 

Internet conspiracies persist, with some speculating censorship or hidden secrets. 

Reddit users suggested the black appearance is due to a dense forest of Pisonia trees. 

Sala expressed the island's beauty, describing it as the most pristine place he has dived. 

The mystery surrounding Vostok Island persists, leaving the internet intrigued about its secrets. 

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