David Choe makes money through partnerships, sponsored deals, marketing gigs, and product sales. 

His knack for leveraging talents and seizing opportunities adds to his significant fortune. 

Choe is famous for his work as a painter, muralist, and creator of graphic novels. 

Born in Los Angeles, he has become a notable figure in both art and business. 

Choe's journey reflects perseverance and innovation, transitioning from early struggles to success. 

Early artistic expressions, including street art and graffiti, paved the way for his future achievements. 

David Choe, born on April 21, 1976, is an American artist, actor, and entrepreneur. 

His unique style blends street art with traditional techniques, gaining recognition for murals and paintings. 

Choe's decision to accept Facebook stock options in 2005 proved lucrative when the company went public in 2012. 

Beyond art, he has ventured into entrepreneurship, hosted a podcast, explored acting, and contributed to Vice Media.

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