Dakota Johnson played Dakota in "The Office," hired by Dwight Schrute to replace Kevin in the series finale. 

Despite the small role, Johnson's time on set exceeded her expectations. 

The subdued atmosphere on the last episode's set made Johnson feel left out, arriving in an established cast dynamic. 

Strange dynamics among the cast over the last 10 years contributed to Johnson's feeling left out. 

Her limited screen time involved being seen "in the background of scenes, faxing things." 

The "Office" appearance preceded her notable role in "Fifty Shades of Grey" by two years. 

A 2021 Hollywood Reporter profile hinted at an intended spin-off starring Johnson, which never happened. 

Dakota Johnson expressed dissatisfaction, calling her time on "The Office" the worst in a chat with Seth Meyers. 

The gloomy atmosphere on the last episode and unfamiliar dynamics added to Johnson's negative experience. 

Johnson reflected on her "Office" role, feeling like she was "crashing someone's birthday party" in a Vanity Fair retrospective. 

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