1985 Milestone: "We Are The World," a charity song with 45 artists, marked a significant event in 1985.

 Inspiration from 'Do They Know It’s Christmas: Stemmed from the success of the 1984 charity song by British and Irish musicians.

Belafonte's Vision: Harry Belafonte aimed for a charity song with top Black stars, inspiring responsibility.

 Collaboration of Influential Figures: Belafonte worked with figures like Kragen and Jones for a collective effort.

 Behind-the-Scenes Drama: Documentary reveals challenges in getting Prince to join, adding drama.

Creative Challenges for Richie and Jackson: Richie and Jackson faced unique challenges with contributions from other artists.

Immediate Success and Unity Symbolism: Became a cultural phenomenon, symbolizing unity and achieving immense success.

Humanitarian Impact and Philanthropy: Raised funds for USA for Africa, combating poverty and homelessness.

Legacy and 21st-Century Possibilities: Explores legacy and raises the possibility of a modern-day rendition.

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