Bernard Arnault surpasses Elon Musk, becoming the wealthiest globally with a net worth of $207.8 billion. 

Arnault's wealth leapfrogs due to a massive $23.6 billion increase, outpacing Musk's $204.5 billion. 

Tesla's significant stock drop on January 25th led to Musk losing over $18 billion in net worth. 

LVMH shares saw a dramatic rise of 13% after reports of robust sales, enhancing Arnault's fortune. 

LVMH's market capitalization hit $388.8 billion, in contrast to Tesla's $586.14 billion, as per Forbes. 

Tesla's stock plummeted by 12% after Musk's caution about slowing sales growth and margin impacts. 

Musk forecasts slower growth, shifting focus to more affordable EVs planned for 2025 in Texas. 

Tesla faces challenges ramping up production of new models using advanced technologies.

Financial analysts criticize Tesla's recent downturn, pointing to disappointing Q4 revenue and profits. 

Tesla's strategies to boost sales may lead to further operating margin declines amid stiff competition.